Zaproszenie na „Legal Adjustment of Climate Change”

Dear ELSA-Members,
ELSA Lviv is pleased to invite all Local Groups of ELSA to our first International Conference
„Legal Adjustment of Climate Change”.

Date: 24-26 April 2009 (26 April – optional, – social programme in Lviv – highly recommended to stay!!! =)

Climate change is already happening and represents one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats facing the planet. All of us and future generations will live in this world! Let’s try to understand, what we can do as lawyers to protect us and our nature! That’s why we decided to organize this International Conference with this specific topic.

Conference implies reports of the participants (the best environmental law experts and young lawyers), their active discussions, debates on the problematic issues, beginning of consideration what legal measures can be done to reduce global warming and to cope with whatever temperature increases are inevitable.
Also unforgettable social program is waiting for You!

Lviv is famous with its old Rynok Square, High Castle. Nowadays they are picturesque places to visit. The whole city can be spread before the eyes from the top of it! Lviv is full with beautiful parks, gardens, woods, ancient streets, that are worth seeing. Also you will try Ukrainian traditional, delicious cuisine: varenyki, borsch, holubtsi and traditional drinks, such as gorilka, Lviv beer. There is an interesting museum of beer named after Robert Doms, that is next to the Lviv brewery. As You can see: Lviv is really worth seeing, You should come and see our pearl of Europe! Members of ELSA Lviv group are looking forward for Your visiting Lviv!

Date: 24 April – 26 April 2009.

Place: Lviv, Ukraine.

Participation fee:

  • ELSA Members from favoured countries 26 Euro per day
  • ELSA Members from non-favoured countries: 30 Euro per day
  • Non-ELSA Member: 35 Euro per day
  • Non-Student: 35 Euro per day

Please send your application form to on March, 29 2009 at latest.

Sincerely yours,
Kateryna Khomyk
Secretary General ELSA Lviv

PS. Dodatkowych informacji nt. konferencji oraz możliwości zapisu udziela Dyrektor ds. Kontaktów Zagranicznych, Kinga Kolasa.

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