Seminars and Conferences

We meet on Wednesdays, at 8pm. Our VP is Ania Wiktorow and he provides valid information concerning meetings.

Section S&C (Seminars and Conferences) is the true essence of the European Law Students’ Association, as it is the cell within ELSA Warsaw where even the most crazy idea will be thoroughly analyzed, discussed and have huge chances of becoming reality. Thanks to our work students and everyone else interested in law can participate in conferences, discussions or debates, during which not only do they broaden their knowledge, but also are given a chance to bolster their legal skills.

Activity in the S&C section involves much more than just work – it is first and foremost a great opportunity to meet many people with varied passions, make lifelong friends and get a chance for self-development. Weekly brainstorms and feats of creativity are and indispensable part of every meeting. These people, with their heads full of ideas and energy to realize them create the legend of ELSA Warsaw. What is more, in S&C not only can you let your innovativeness boom, but also learn numerous useful skills crucial for contemporary lawyers, such as teamwork or establishing cooperation with various institutions.

Every conference we have held so far (and there have been many with even more yet to come) attracted students’ and graduates’ attention, which is an enormous motivation for us to work even harder. Our events vary from one another, but they all are focused on legal matters, though: Lobbing in the process of drafting law, Human rights on Belarus – paradox or tautology or the Law and Medicine Project. Our efforts to organize conferences never stop and that’s why every member of the section can take part in several projects at the same time, leaving no room for boredom.

Apart from varied conferences, S&C is also responsible for organizing so called ‘Study Visits’ – projects which are based on cooperation of various ELSA Local Groups from Europe, that agree to host a group of members from another group in order to become guests during second part of the visit.

If you feel that your head is soon going to burst because of the number of ideas you have and your energy is endless and doesn’t allow you to rest for a second, it clearly indicates that you’re an ideal candidate to join S&C ELSA Warsaw!

See you at the S&C!