Academic Activities

Meetings take place on Wednesdays, 8pm. Our VP is Paweł Konopka and he can provide anyone with valid information concerning meetings.

Academic Activities is formed by fantastic people. This is an environment for numerous interesting and innovative projects. Competitions, workshops, lectures, visiting professors and a lot more – it’s just a fraction of what we do. We make it possible for everyone to take their pick from a vast array of opportunities.

Despite the academic aspect of our section, AA gives a chance to let every organizing potential flourish. Thanks to it we gain experience which is hard to come by in different organizations. At the same time, we may get to know academic staff and legal practitioners like judges, advocates or prosecutors better, through informal contact with them.

As the time passes by, it is possible to feel how months and years of activity in our section help to positively change our relationships with others, due to the fact we learn every day how to enhance interpersonal skills, vital in life of everyone of us.

Academic Activities is not only a group in charge of interesting projects. It is, above all, a bunch of good friends with whom you can pleasantly spend a lot of time.