ELSA Delegations

ELSA Delegations are the unique opportunities to represent ELSA during the most important sessions of the main international organisations and the meetings of other international partners.

ELSA or ELS members, who have applied for the ELSA Delegation and have been appointed by the International Board, will sit next to national delegates and representatives of the most important NGOs, will experience, as observers, how decisions and policies are created at international level and will deepen their knowledge on relevant discussed issues.

This is possible because ELSA has gained a good name and reputation in the international legal community. Several International Institutions have recognised the high value and quality of ELSA’s past and current projects and for this reason decided to grant special status to our organisation by becoming our partners and cooperate with us at different levels.

Open Calls:
– United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)
* Working Group III: Online Dispute Resolution, 30th Session, Vienna, 20th to 24th October 2014

– United Nations Human Rights Bodies ( World Intelectuall Property Organization)
* Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP), 21st Session, Geneva, from 3rd to 7th November 2014

We encourage you to visit the site: http://elsa.org/page/delegations/

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